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A Bear family

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Here are some of the things people have said about Sasha's Bears:


(about Maurice):

 "Maurice is adorable. Thank you very much. I am so pleased that [our good friends’ newborn son] now has such a charming companion...

... The other two Teddies live with my nieces. It is so nice to watch the bears go about their lives under the loving care of their small but growing owners."

N. T. F., London 

March 2020

(about Tyler):

"Dear little Tyler has arrived in his forever home...
I’m delighted with him!! He is just perfect and will be much loved and cherished...

I love little Tyler who, sitting on my dressing table, makes me smile every morning when I wake up. He is exquisitely made and has his own personality."

Mrs. R. S.-P., Oxfordshire 

December 2019


Kyrill restored

(about Kyrill, upon his return from Sasha's Bear Hospital):

"How wonderful!!! Kyrill arrived in best condition and he looks so nice and perfectly healed!
I love the collar on his neck, it is very very chic and fits beautifully to his appearance. 
"...Thank you very very much for the wonderful work you did, you made me really very happy."

Annette von W., Germany 

February 2018


(about Archie & Ia):

  "We bought a teddy from you last year in Goring for our daughter for Christmas (Archie) and she absolutely adores him. Now my other daughter saw your teddies and she fell in love with Ia and would love to have her for Christmas."

Andi B., Oxfordshire 

October 2017


(about Laurence II):

"I am enchanted with him. Every time I look at him he makes me smile. What lovely craftsmanship, he has such a lot of character. I don't think he'll be giving me too much trouble...although there is a little twinkle in his eye! Thank you so much for making me such a wonderful bear. No doubt I will be tempted to contact you again some time in the future when he needs a friend or two!"

Sian G., Wiltshire 

September 2016

Laurence II

Count Rostov & Carol

(about Count Rostov and Carol):

  "Carol looks perfect! ...[The Count]'s great. Very pleased with both of them! "

Jane S., Bath 

March 2016

(about Sasha's Bears):

"Фантастические медведи! ...Очень ярко выражена индивидуальность. Они все такие осмысленные! Такие персонажи! И "раньшие" были бесподобны, но в этих я просто влюбилась... Я твоя поклонница очень-очень."

"Fantastic Bears! ...Personality simply shines through. They are all so intelligent! Such characters! The earlier ones were imcomparable too, but these ones - I just love them... I am a great fan of yours."

Natasha R., Moscow 

October 2015

Wee Bear

(about one of my felted bears):

"Thank you SO much for Wee Bear who is now guarding my bedside at St George's Hospital. He is very popular with the nurses too!"

Jonathan P., Reading 

July 2015

(about Morgan):

"I will nurture Morgan as one of my own and certainly feel bonded with him already, as do my 2 Grandsons who will look, admire and, occasionally, stoke but are firmly aware that this is Grampa`s Russian bear."

Geraint T., Reading 

June 2015



(about Sasha Bear, made to order for baby Sasha):

"Grandmother Margaret is very pleased with the attention given to her request for a special Bear. Sasha is absolutely lovely. Baby Sasha and Mum are very pleased with her and is on a shelf overlooking Baby Sasha at night. Thanks very much for the brilliant service, it was a pleasure from start to finish. THANK YOU"

Margaret C., Moray, Scotland 

October 2012

Two of my Teddies, Edna and Raymond, were featured in the US magazine Teddy Bear and Friends (click on the link below to see the feature). In Beyond Mohair, author Stephanie Finnegan explored the world of teddy bears made of unusual materials:

"With her own one-of-a-knd or very limited-edition bears, the Britain-based artist lets the fabrics determine the outcome, with colors or patterns affecting each bear's appearance and disposition."

Teddy Bear and Friends (Digital Edition, June 2012) 


Mrs Bruin

(about Mrs Bruin, made to order):

 "Mrs Bruin has arrived safe and she is perfect, thank you so much."

Anna S., Surrey 

March 2012

(about Raymond/Raymondo):

"We love Raymondo for his sweet, simple charm, he would have been a fine bear in mohair but by using the vintage, fabric from the 1970s he has been transformed into something very exotic and colourful...and of course we love orange!"

Barbara and Andy C., Kent 

February 2012


Gunter & Noel

(about Gunter and Noel, made to order):

"The boys have arrived and I am over the moon with them. I've decided to call the brown one Gunter and the white one Noel. I think they are just beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to start taking pictures and getting them up on Facebook. I'll be getting my photoshoot done over the weekend and I'll be sending you lots of pics. It has really made Christmas magical for me."

Katy T., West Yorkshire  

December 2011

(about Martin and Susan):

"Я приютила двух мишей, Мартина и Сьюзи. Они как брат и сестра. Мои мишки очень нежные и трогательные зверики. Эти изящные и выполненные с большим вкусом и любовью игрушки привнесли немного лирики и теплоты в мое зимнее настроение.
С удовольствием приобрету еще кого-нибудь для себя и своих друзей. Пусть у всех живет такое же теплое счастье!"

("I have adopted two teddies, Martin and Susan. They are like brother and sister. My teddies are very gentle and touching creatures. These delicate toys, made with a lot of taste and love, brought some lyricism and warmth to my wintry mood. I will gladly adopt some more for myself and my friend. I want everyone to share this warm happiness!")  

Yevgeniya K., Moscow, Russia 

December 2011



Tedward & Miles

(about 'Tedward', made to order):

"I just had to write to thank you for Miles' copy, who I have now called Tedward. Miles means so much to me, as he was bought for me before I was even born [...] I trawled ebay for many years trying to find another Miles, with no success. I really can't believe how brilliant Tedward is - he looks just like Miles. I can't believe you were able to copy his feet. I adore him to bits! [...] He means the world to me and I love him. You have truly made my Christmas magical, thanks you. He is a dream come true. "

Katy T., West Yorkshire  

December 2011

(about Misha, made to order for baby Eleanor):

"Это гениальный медведь!!! Спасибо Вам огромное."                                                              

(This bear is a work of genius!!! Thank you very much.")

Natalia T., Moscow/London 

July 2011


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