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7 December 2020

My last two Teddies of 2020 were both made to order as Christmas presents.

One of them is Dominic, the bear who loves the sea (though he has not yet been to the seaside).

To feed his passion, he even started to collect beach pebbles - not an easy task in land-locked Berkshire!

When adopted, Dominic is going to live on a real boat, and I do hope a great many exciting voyages await him in the future.
Dominic with his collection of pebbles

24 October
Kingley, Ashley & Riley
Riley, whom you may have met before, would now like to introduce to you two good friends who joined him recently on my Teddy Bear shelf.

Kingsley (on the left) is not as unworldly as you might imagine. He is a well-read and knowledgeable bear renouned for his sound judgement. Other bears often ask his advice, and he is always happy to help.

Meanwhile Ashley (in the centre) may look rather self-conscious on account of his wry smile, but is in fact a most dependable bear. He is someone you can rely on in the most trying circumstances.

9 October

My latest Teddy is quite unique, being made of hand-painted cotton fabric.
His name is Riley, and he is a circus bear!
I feel it may well be the start of a new Circus Collection - full of colour and craziness)))
Let's be happy!

25 August
The new Teddy at home My first Teddy Bear Making Workshop given under social distancing regulations has come to a successful conclusion!

I am extremely proud of my hardworking student. Our four weekly garden sessions were very  productive, and good fun too! The weather did not spring any nasty surprises either.

All the homework I set was done to perfection, and the result is the beautiful, very special one-of-a-kind Teddy you can see on these photos.
Workshop in the garden

13 August
Prototype Teddy Replica Teddy - view from the back Replica Teddy is ready!

Some time ago, I received a rather unusual request: to make a scaled-down copy of someone's much-loved Teddy - based solely on the photos of the Teddy in question.

I had to pester the Teddy's poor owner with numerous questions - asking him for all sorts of weird measurements and photos from every possible angle.

What followed was quite a long process: to begin with, I had to create a prototype (photo 1 above) - simply to make sure that the shape was right. Only then did I start making a proper replica (photos 2 & 3 above), having first "aged" the fabric to make it as similar to the original as possible.

In the end, we were very pleased with the result. The photo on the right shows my replica Teddy reunited with his "big brother".   
My Teddy with his big brother

7 July
Caroline before travelling to her new home My new Teddy is a girl, and her name is Caroline.

She is Simon's younger sister, and takes after him in many ways: she too is a very gentle soul, and also a bit of a dreamer.

Caroline was made to order as a companion for Tyler, who lives just a few miles from us in Oxfordshire with his adoptive family. 

Caroline and Tyler met for the first time today, and I am told that they are getting along very well.
Caroline is ready to go

19 June
Please welcome Rory, my latest Teddy!

He came into the world during the lock-down, and he is therefore perfectly comfortable with the idea of self-isolation.

Rory believes there is no point in venturing too far:
after all, there are so many fascinating things to explore while simply exercising in the garden!

According to Rory, the only real drawback of the  lock-down is that it is exceedingly hard to find someone to trim your hair - particularly if you are a bear.

He has already called a few barbers trying to arrange an appointment for early July but so far he has had no luck. 
Rory in the garden

6 April

My new Teddy, Mason, is a down-to-earth kind of bear, who is not afraid to get his paws dirty.
He particularly likes to work outdoors, doing things about the garden.
Mason's only regret is that his otherwise excellent trousers have no pockets to keep some useful tools in)))

11 March 2020
Maurice before travelling to his new home
Earlier today, my new Teddy bear called Maurice went to the Post Office with me (not forgetting his passport of course)).

From there, he is going to his new home in London, to celebrate with the family the birth of a new baby boy.   

I am particularly pleased because Maurice came into being thanks to a very nice person who had ordered Teddies from me twice before.
Maurice is ready to go

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